What would you do if cancer hit close to home?

peace-of-mind-349815_960_720You hear about people getting cancer every day. Sometimes it’s a co-worker, sometimes it’s the parent of a friend, and in really heart wrenching circumstances, it might be a child.

The question that I have asked myself many times is “what would I do if it were my parent, what would I do if it were my wife, what would I do if it were my child?” It’s a frightening scenario to push your imagination into, but an important one, because there is so much information out there and even more misinformation.

If a health crisis arises, I want to be informed enough to work with doctors and health practitioners to devise a plan. Not simply succumb to the chemo, surgery route. And taking that one step further, why isn’t there a health team teaching my family and I how to prevent cancer in the first place?  In this technologically advanced world, why is preventative health care still in the dark ages?

The health care system in this country, or what is being disguised as a health care system, is often so confusing, so difficult to navigate, and in many instances, fails people who turn to it for help. Many physicians just come back with the easy answer – but not really a solution – another prescription to mask another symptom, and “worry about the side effects later.” This is not health care, this is symptom masking. This is not health care, this is legal drug pushing. I hear stats about what the average cancer patient is “worth” to the system. The whole thing is despicable. And all the while, insurance refuses to cover alternative treatments, and states continue to deny people access to ancient medicines like Cannabis.

So on a general level, I know what I would cannabis-1062904_960_720do if it were someone close to me that was diagnosed with cancer, or some other potentially fatal disease. I would turn to a place that could help me weigh the pros and cons of Western medicine because they didn’t stand to to profit from it. I would turn to a place who could offer me information and education on other scientifically proven methods of supporting healing even, and sometimes more importantly, when coupled with a Western regiment. Not that I have found the magic answer, but investing in one’s health before something tragic develops, and having a trusted physician, health practitioner, or team of both, to help prioritize and advocate for a healthy lifestyle, could help many make great strides toward health, at any stage of life. And when the day comes that a serious diagnosis occurs, there is a safe place to turn for a true plan.

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